The Worlds Biggest Dozer is Here

worlds biggest bull dozer

A significant Western Australian mining operation has just taken delivery of Komatsu’s D575A-3 dozer, for an application which will primarily involve ripping work.
The D575A, the largest dozer ever fabricated, was initially introduced in prototype form at Conexpo 1981 and has been released as a manufacturing Dash two version 1991, followed in 2002 by the D575A-3.

During its history, a considerable percentage of the D575As manufactured were sold to contract and mines miners in Australia, with others going to US coal mines.
The machine is especially ideal for ripping applications and has established a crucial tool where blasting isn’t permitted for a variety of reasons, and in which ripping is the only choice.

This machine is going to be engaged in ripping about 95 per cent of the time, as blasting isn’t allowed because of the mine’s proximity to neighbourhood residents, together with high-voltage power lines running throughout the rental.

This new machine — the first new D575A-3 sold into Australia — joins a used D575A-3 the consumer imported about four decades ago, and both will operate alongside each other.
Komatsu and the client worked closely on the delivery of the last D575A-3 dozer to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible.

Jason Lambert, Komatsu Australia’s mining accounts supervisor in Western Australia, said that the construct of this D575A-3 after it arrived in Australia went so well that it had been able to go to work immediately after delivery.

On July 16, they had a party at the client’s site to indicate the delivery of their new D575A-3 dozer.

They were introduced a Komatsu dozer plaque and model to senior mine management to mark the event on site and continued the party at the workshop for a photo opportunity in front of the dozer until it started work.