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This article tells the reader about Kingspan Soffit Board Supplier, a company that offers a complete product line of insulation products for use in phenolic ductwork. The article also mentions that Kingspan has undergone rigorous ISO 9705 testing and achieved a Group 2 rating. – This means that their products are designed to provide superior insulation and perform better than standard insulation products on the market. Kingspan offers a complete product line of insulated floors, dividers internal wall insulations, dividers roof panels, and phenolic ductwork, providing customers with materials and tools to effectively fabricate an insulated space. Kingspan’s high-performance materials are designed to produce maximum energy efficiency while providing superior temperature control. Kingspan’s Koolduct system is the only high-performance phenolic ductwork system available on the market today and provides a unique solution for businesses seeking a total building envelope solution.

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Kingspan is a leading supplier of quality fabricated insulation, standard roofing products, and Kingspan air cell insulation. As an insulation company, it offers specialist insulated panels, roofs, and roof tile systems as well as Kingspan facades rain screen systems. Its thermally effective conductivity makes it suitable for walls and ceilings alike and its thermal performance characteristics are renowned. Kingspan’s high thermal performance allows designers to meet both the high aesthetics requirements of modern building designs as well as the very highest levels of energy efficiency. Kingspan also offers fibre-free reflexive insulation which provides a cost-effective solution with high thermal performance while still meeting aesthetic requirements. Kingspan’s range of products means that whatever your needs – from roofs to walls and ceilings – you can be sure to find the perfect solution with them. Their soffit boards are a great example of their products, as they offer common soffit insulation and fit installers with the best insulation materials for their needs. With the ability to install design and provide enhanced thermal performance, Kingspan’s soffit boards have been compared against physical properties, and recent research has shown that they outperform competitor rock mineral fibre. This allows them to offer physical properties that are superior even when compared with competitors – meaning you can fit an additional 5.25 m2 – more than any other competitor – into your property’s design. Furthermore, Kingspan’s new research also shows that their easy lightweight K110 FM product allowed one installer to fit an insulated 17.28 m2 area in less time than any competitor product or improvement.

Kingspan Soffit Board Supplier offers a wide range of products that provide an ideal solution for covered Kingspan insulation bases.  It has similar materials with Aluminium battens. The complete Kingspan insulation suite includes a soffit board, battens, and adequate insulation fasteners. Their rigid soffit insulation allows fixed insulation boards to be installed quickly and easily. Their K10 is a high-performance, high-density polyurethane foam core laminated between two layers of foil which features a thicker foil lining for increased thermal performance, plus a soffit board achieving a group 2 rating. Kingspan’s rigid soffit boards are especially suitable for such applications as concrete soffits, loft conversions, dormers, and other external walls with their unique characteristics. As a Kingspan soffit board supplier, we use cookies to help us provide you with the best experience on our website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or another device when you visit other websites. They can be used by other companies to deliver relevant advertising to you or to set further information about your visit. The Kingspan Soffit Board Supplier offers a range of services to help you find the optimum balance between natural and artificial lighting, as well as blocking cookies, to ensure maximum energy savings. Our technical team understands how important it is to guarantee access and functionality performance when using our website, or when performing certain services. We ensure that all our products have been tested to impact functionality and performance in any house or addition. We guarantee that our products will provide maximum energy savings while also finding an optimum balance between natural and artificial lighting in your home.