The Most Inspiring Hotel Lobbies

hotel lobbies

Hotels are the very embodiments of hospitality and luxury, and nothing says more of a hotel than the lobbies. With the lobbies, hotels can give a lasting impression to the customers, and it is often said that the first impression lasts longer. This explains why hotels put in so much into the lobbies of their facilities. Some hotels changed and redesigned their lobbies to become stunning spaces that will take away your breath immediately you step into the hotel. Gone are the days of uninspiring reception desks, lobbies are now outstanding works of art. The commercial interior design has led to the following hotels landing to the top inspiring hotel lobbies in the world.

hotel lobby magnificent designs

   The hotel lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, France, will leave you speechless. Paris has numerous luxury palace hotels, but this hotel is truly outstanding, and it is in a class of its own for some reason. The majestic décor of the lobby alongside its magnificent chandelier and grandiose sculptures make the lobby to be truly fascinating. It was designed by the talented Jeff Leatham from California.

Situated right in the heart of Paris, the hotel has a total of 244 luxury rooms for the guests, and it will leave you dazed with first-class dining and hospitality services. Another hotel with an outstanding lobby is none other than the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Located in Barcelona, Spain, its massive and brilliant white atrium alongside an exterior coated with gold and cream welcomes you into the lobby. Designed by famed Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola, the lobby is complete with mirrored ceilings, sliding crystal doors, and complex latticework.

The story of the most inspiring hotel lobbies on earth is not complete without mentioning the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A symbol of the glittering success that is Dubai, the Burj Al Arab, is a hotel that is in a class of its own. Its lobby features a massive central fountain complete with a waterfall and columns that are covered with 24-karat gold leaf. Its atrium has also been designed to give you the most memorable welcome ever.

The Al Bustan Palace, which is a Ritz Carlton-branded hotel located in Muscat, the capital of Oman, it is also one that stands out as far as hotel lobbies are concerned. Complete with 250 rooms for the guests, you are warmly welcomed into the atrium of the lobby with some of the most captivating designs. The atrium is 38 meters in height, and the floors are made of high-quality marble, huge pillars, and walls covered with gold. There is an unforgettable scent of incense that welcomes you into the lobby. Stepping in into the lobby of the Al Bustan Palace has been described as having an experience of heaven. The magnificent reception fitout definitely is inviting and is an attention grabber.

From all that has been described above, the lobby is one of the most important sections of a hotel. It is the lobby that a customer is going to experience first, and for this and other reasons, hotels go to extra lengths to make sure that their lobbies are more than impressive.  Take a trip and tour around just to check out some of the fine sights that hotels can offer. From modern to romantic, industrial, and westerns, there are plenty of lobby designs out there waiting to be found.