Economical Portable Air compressor

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The human race had yet faced another devastating threat to its existence because of COVID-19. In which not only our health is at risk, but also our means to live. Thousands were let go by huge companies like Cathay Pacific, Disneyland, and HSBC. And the saddest of all was the small-medium-businesses that were break-even with their income. Schools closed down. Imported goods got compromised because of tense relations between countries. Many treat this as a time to recollect, reassess, and reset as people spent a lot of time at home on lockdown. Nobody can even fly out to see their families overseas. Socialisation is also put in control. Most of all, there’s nothing much to do after a month of trying everything that you wanted to do.

But, for those who have their businesses, they do everything to stay operational. Because of COVID-19, they have to cut their workers’ wages and the general costs. But did you know that owning a portable air compressor can help out with that?

The Uses of an Air Compressor

An air compressor is a mechanical device that converts power into potential energy with the use of an electric motor, a diesel, or gasoline engine to be stored in pressurised air called compressed air.

This becomes possible as air compressors pump high-pressure air to fill gas cylinders of dividers for example. They also help in pneumatic HVAC control systems empowerment and that of other pneumatic tools. Its usage extends to your household and there are special air compressors that are used for inflating tires.

Somehow, an air compressor is compared to a pump. But it is different from the other uses it can conform to:

  1. Aside from the car, adding air into bike tires can be done as well.
  2. It is used in spray painting.
  3. It is used inside many tools.
  4. Commonly observed as a cleaning aid using high pressure compressed air.
  5. It is used in pneumatic nail guns.
  6. Spraying crops (of fertilizers, pesticides, etc.,.)
  7. It is used in air blow gun used in cleaning machinery
  8. It is used in glasshouse ventilation

This may be achieved by the 3 most common air compressors: (a) Reciprocating, (b) rotary screw, and (c) centrifugal.

Is it worth investing on?

There’s no doubt that an air compressor is versatile because of its many uses as mentioned above. With that much that can be accounted for your money’s worth, an affordable price between US$300-$500 can be quite a good investment since you can buy a quality compressor around this price.

Common specific jobs for air compressor applications of small-and-medium-sized businesses:

  1. It helps out in sanding an auto body shop and woodworking
  2. Spray-painting vehicles in an auto body shop
  3. Roofing had never been easy until pneumatic nail guns became available.
  4. Making snow at the ski hill or for other entertainment uses.
  5. Dental and medical services also benefit from their services.

This assures affordability because of the many jobs it performs.

Looking at a portable air compressor

The great thing about air compressors is that there’s no need for big bulky motors to make it run or to use it. Using the single-motor compressor can be done in converting electrical energy to kinetic. It doesn’t have as many parts but it allows the unit to run quietly which is another plus.