Build Your DIY Deck

wooden decks

Winter may be getting closer, but spring and summer will return. A new deck may be an ideal space for some outdoor entertainment.

However, when it comes to the cost of adding a deck to the house, the result is quite different. The size and type of surface treatment you want, plus convenience factors (such as built-in seats, stairs, fire pits, etc.), can greatly affect the value of your property. The better the deck and facilities, the higher the value of your property. So, having a DIY or self-made deck would be the perfect option.

Materials for Your Deck Investment

Natural Wood

The natural wooden platform has a classic appearance. Versatility and sustainability are also popular. The price range of solid wood decks is very wide, some are cheaper than composite wood decks, and some are more expensive.

You must also consider maintenance costs because solid wood decks need to be weatherproofed and repaired regularly to keep them in top condition. If the solid wood deck is damaged or faded after a long period of use, you can paint and repair your solid wood deck at any time to make it look new, but composite wooden decks are not applicable. Also, solid wood materials are relatively good, environmentally friendly materials. Natural decking oil will help protect the timber, giving high UV protection.

Composite Wood

Because composite wood decks have a longer service life than solid wood and require very little maintenance, some homeowners believe that composite wood is a better cost-effective choice for high-priced solid wood.

How to DIY Your Deck?

  • Drawing For The Self Plan Deck And Its Design

The most difficult part of building the deck is probably at the beginning of the planning and design phase. Of course, you may have decided that it is indeed a deck, not a courtyard you want to build, and you want to use composite or synthetic decoration. But deciding on its scale, whether it should be connected to the house or independent, needs to be considered before starting the project.

  • Deck Wood Type
    Although there are endless composite decorations, not everyone chooses to develop in this direction. Many potential deck owners like the look and feel of real wood. Whether it is because of tradition, personal taste, or-sometimes-cost, wood is the material of choice. Once you decide to use natural wood with composite decking, you will find that no two types of wood are the same many types may be ideal for decks.
  • Let’s Take A Look At The Name And Type Of Deck Timber

Multi-layer Wooden Deck
Should you go for wood flooring or laminate flooring? Like any large purchase, the appearance, durability, and cost of decorative materials vary. Start your research here and become familiar with the types of wood and synthetic decoration. Another thing to consider-you may need to use a specific type of wood or deck as the structural part of your deck project, and other decorative wood for surfaces and railings-these parts will be more obvious and you will be on its walk. Using a deck sealer will prevent the rays of the sun to get through, extending the lifespan of the wood.

Composite Flooring

Composite flooring is an alternative to all-wood decoration, made of recyclable materials and new plastics, bamboo, and wood fibers. Many composite decoration products have developed into a reflection of our living environment, and are green, environmentally friendly.

Your deck should be a source of pride and achievement. But part of maintaining it is also a responsibility. Once a year, make an appointment with your deck to check for wood damage, rot, loose nails, and other types of damage. Solve these problems before they become bigger problems.